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June 16-30


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these dumb ass bitches are my besties! we’re a coalition called ppi which also stands for petty private investigators. we started as a small group chat of 6 best friends who caught (and still catch) facetune fails and we’ve expanded to a strong army of 10 who endlessly love and support each other.

each of these ladies have helped me get through some of the roughest times in my life and they all know the real me. we’ve been close friends for years and that’s never gonna change! future ppi will still be on a yacht twerking with strawberritas in the future.

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all photos on this zine from flashedbyjussy


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I dead ass cannot stop watching/quoting this video.

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made a playlist for pride month and wrote an article about making sensual consent still feel really steamy.

check out the article

check out the playlist




I'm a hyper-social person until I'm just not. I consider myself to being an outgoing introvert haha. I'm magnetically attracted to such good energy, but I'll definitely need moments to myself to recharge so that I can give out good energy too. 

This month has taught me that life never really slows down, you either run with the pack or take a break on the side and catch up. The marathon doesn't get easier, we just become better runners. 

So many of my industry friends are feeling so burnt out. I wonder if it’s because summer and good times are coming soon and God is getting us all ready to recharge. Maybe the industry is just fucked up sometimes. It’s all a big guesstimate.

As I complete this Zine, I think I’m ready to come out of my cave and start running this marathon.

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