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ZINE 2019 ZINE 2019 ZINE 2019

June 1-15

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me @ a pool party, lol!

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this boy is my little nugget of sunshine, secret weapon, and one of my best friends. he always knows how to calm me down and I always feel better just being around him. what would I do without shawn <3


learning how to fall deeper in love with jussy every single day.




  1. UCF Reflection Pond — Orlando, FL

  2. The Getty — Los Angeles, CA

  3. Hot Tub — Anywhere

  4. Earl’s Kitchen — Orlando, FL

  5. Dancefloor — Anywhere


I love writing this Manny so much. He reminds me of what it was like when I first starting recording music ever.

There’s such little to lose, no pressure to keep something up.

I wish I had this kind of experience when I first started, the experience of working with someone you love being around and trust. I always felt like I was working with people who kind of understood my vision, but it was never 100%.

IDK, kind of glad I found him and I hope he gets really huge.

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I feel like I’m constantly going through a flux of emotions. Sometimes I’m on top of the world, other times I can’t wait to fall in a ditch and give it all up. I think that’s a huge part about being an artist. So many of our emotions are constantly display and as the digital age rises, we’re expected to share more, relate more, appear in more places. It’s honestly super stressful to think about sometimes, which is why so many artists just give up.

I took time this month to really eliminate physical depressants and see how I’d feel afterward. It gave me such a better grasp on my emotions and instead of relying on physical things to cheer me up, I had to really dig deep and find not just happiness, but joy. I now feel so excited to focus on my sound as I find new ways to connect with everyone.

Still blows my mind how fast your emotions can change. It also blows my mind that we have the power to control them. That journey is harder for some than others.

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